Open Publishing offers global ebook distribution with special focus on partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 68 employees and 18 years of experience are at your service, we have streamlined the digital distribution process.

We are your partner for digital publishing

Our software is a comprehensive yet simple to use tool to manage your ebook distribution – either on a title by title basis or for your entire catalogue. We offer not only ebook production for all formats, but also daily distribution to all trade partners, as well as deals and marketing so that each title gets the attention it deserves. There is no set-up cost, we merely receive 7% of your net revenue – comprehensive support included!

We support you in the preparation of your contents

Books are turned into eBooks: We take care of all production issues and convert your data into all common eBook formats. Our product portfolio also includes the digitalization of printed books and the production of print-on-demand issues. At the same time, we advise in all matters associated with the topics of cover and metadata, if required.

We take care of your accounting

With Open Publishing, the fees are automatically calculated and remitted each quarter in the name and by order of the customer. In addition, we keep account of the subledger and bill the complete service in three simple statements.

We bring your books to all shops

We ensure the distribution of your eBooks via all relevant channels, collect the proceeds and provide a concise reporting of your sales figures. We also service the worldwide library associations and other academic retail channels. Upon request, we will create a website for the presentation of titles with or without an eBook shop, which is filled automatically from the system and which supports all common payment methods.

We assist you in marketing your products

Temporary price campaigns, dealer newsletters, metadata optimization, SEO and much more: With the software of Open Publishing and the proven expertise in advertising of the bilandia agency, we advertise your eBooks and your printed editions alike.

We design your digital strategy

We advise you on the strategic marketing of your publications and the digitalization of your products. From metadata optimization and SEO to content marketing and the establishment of digital publishing houses, we create market overviews and in-depth analyses. This will lead to concrete recommendations for actions, which you can put directly into practice.

We optimize your online marketing

We create, program and manage online marketing campaigns featuring the perfect mixture of measures for your target group. With the right methods and contents, we ensure interaction, coverage and visibility. To that effect, we also include editing and media planning.

We create good usability & modern web design

We develop the concept and design of your internet presence, from publisher’s to author’s websites to apps and individual platforms. In the process of design and implementation, we pay particular attention to an ideal user experience and the optimum retrieval of your contents.

We build your self-publishing platform

Since GRIN Publishing possesses years of experience in the field of self-publishing and the related technology, you can build up your own self-publishing platform with Open Publishing. This will help you find new authors, access new groups of readers and bind existing customers to your publishing house or your current publications.

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