Webshop in corporate design, based on a standardised webshop solution. Our out-of-the-box webshop is quickly ready for use and adaptable. You choose from various templates. In that way you create a consistent brand awareness.

Our webshop supports different payment methods, including invoice, PayPal, credit card and instant bank transfer. This allows you to offer your customers convenient and secure payment processing.

The webshop allows customers to order not only all media formats such as eBooks, magazines and print editions directly from you, but also non-books. In this way, you offer your customers easy access to your entire product range.

Interface to any publisher’s distributor is possible: The ordered items are dispatched via your distributor. You use your existing infrastructure and thus rely on a cofindent and efficient delivery.

Copy protection: Our webshop supports Social DRM to protect your publications from unauthorised use.